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Course: Broiler Welfare at Catching

Course Summary

For new/existing staff catching broilers on a farm


Course takes approx. 30 minutes, the exam 15 minutes

Course Details

The course comprises 9 sections:

  1. Importance of Broiler Welfare
  2. Biosecurity
  3. House Preparation
  4. Equipment Movement
  5. Catching - The Process
  6. Catching – The Problems
  7. Loading Baskets / Module
  8. Transport
  9. Feedback From The Abattoir

Exam Details

The exam consists of 20 randomly selected multiple choice questions.  A pass mark of 75% is required. 

A certificate of completion is immediately issued to the successful candidate.  Unsuccessful candidates are able to re-take the course and the exam an unlimited number of times until they pass.


The certificate is valid for a period of 1 year. 

Languages available

  • English

Please contact us if you have other language requirements.



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