Registering and types of account

When you register you can create two types of account, single and multi user.

This account is designed for individuals taking courses themselves. If you are going to be the only person taking courses you should choose this type of account.

This account should be chosen if you organise training for other people (and/or yourself). The Multi User enables the account holder to add and manage multiple trainees who can then take courses without having to create an account themselves.

It is possible to upgrade a single-user account to a multi-user account, but not vice versa.

To register, click the "Register" link (top right of the page) and complete the form on the page that loads.

Currency Options

  • All purchases are made in Pounds Sterling


  • If you are in the UK or EU 25 you will be charged VAT at the UK rate.
  • If you are in Europe (ex UK) you can remove the VAT charge by entering your VAT registration number into the box provided.  This is checked against a database so please don't make one up.